My little outreach buddy Kameron

This is my new buddy Kameron. Me being jointly in charge of the boys dorm, the outreach boys look up to me ESPECIALLY Kameron. He follows me around like a shadow and loves listening to my stories after everyone’s gone to bed. 😂😂 He’s also super wild as are the other little minions. Gonna miss these boys even though they drive me crazy! 😂 I hope they take what they’ve learned at camp to heart! 


My grandparents on my dad’s side that I rarely get to see since they’re from Arkansas are at camp and I have been able to spend some quality time with them! If you think I’M sarcastic and teasy you should meet my grandpa! Don’t let that innocent face fool you. 😂 And my grandma is just a big sweetheart. 

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to my great goofy dad who taught me the value of hard work and discipline and being a gentleman and the superiority of Mopar. All of which have paid off. Thanks Dad and I miss you! 

Missouri bound!!!

My buddy Travis and I are road tripping to Missouri!!! We will be gone for a whole week for church camp! God is gonna MOVE!